Come and visit us and discover the vinegar factory!

Come and visit us and discover the vinegar factory!



On our farm, in the prestigious context of our family Villa where we currently live, we regularly hold guided tours tailored around visitors, so to let them taste our beloved vinegar, combined with the finest food from local tradition. When they leave, tourists are always happy and satisfied!
Our farm manages the whole production line of ABTM D.O.P., from vineyard cultivation to final sale to consumers. The Acetaia (vinegar barrels) is the symbol of the ABTM D.O.P. production and it is located in the attics of our historical family Villa.
This is not a restaurant, nor agriturismo, nor a B&B, but here visitors are welcomed directly into our dwelling, and involved in a real family-like and warm atmosphere which is usually appreciated and shared.
Groups of visitors usually come here late morning or lunch time, since the tasting session of ABTM D.O.P. combined with typical food from local tradition is as copious and various as a full meal. All food is displayed on a buffet table.


  • The tour bus enters the villa’s park and visitors get off directly at the villa’s front door. Parking lot on the farm.
  • Visitors are welcomed by my father Mario and/or I and introduced to our staff, farm, product. The ABTM D.O.P. production is then explained in details.
  • Visitor are taken to the vinegar barrels upstairs, in the Villa’s attics.
  • At the end of the tour, visitors are seated at previously set up tables in the central dining room on the ground floor (see picture).
  • Before the tasting starts, guests are shown how ABTM D.O.P. can be eaten and employed.
  • A wide range of typical food is displayed on a central buffet table. After a brief description of the products and some instructions on how to eat them with ABTM D.O.P., the tasting self-service session starts.
  • Show Cooking: later, guest are shown how we cook our Risotto alla Parmigiana. They will be directly involved in the cooking of this recipe, experience first-hand how to make it and learn some secret details. All topped with our Extra old (aged above 25 years) ABTM D.O.P.! (Show Cooking is on request, only. If not requested, the risotto will be served on the buffet table)
  • The tasting meal ends with 2 home made cakes, coffee, nocino (walnut liqueur) and limoncello (lemon liqueur).
  • End of tour and departure of guests. In case visitors arrive at lunch time, the tour to the attics will be held soon after the buffet tasting.

Tours usually take 1h30 (minimum) to 2 hours (recommended).

We personally hold the tour in Italian or English. In case visitors speak other languages, an interpreter will be needed.

Groups are meant from 8-10 people to 55 people (winter time) or up to 100/120 people (summer time, when the outdoor area is also available).



  • Fabric table cloths, complete cutlery set (including cutlery for dessert and tasting), one glass for water and one glass for wine (only dishes and glasses are for single use).
  • Two bottles of ABTM D.O.P. (aged over 12 years) and two bottles of Extra Old ABTM D.O.P. (aged over 25 years) are placed on each table so that our guests are free to use them as they please. This is a unique opportunity that no other acetaia will offer!
  • Two bottles of Lambrusco wine from Sorbara and two bottles of Lambrusco wine Grasparossa are also placed on each table. Still and sparkling water, too.



  • Parmigiano Reggiano aged 18, 24 and over 30 months.
  • 2 types of ricotta: cow milk and cow/sheep mixed milk ricotta.
  • 2 types of omelette with seasonable vegetables.
  • 3 types of baked “gnocco” (olive oil, cheese and mushrooms, cheese and ham flavoured)
  • Wide range of typical local cold cuts, for ex.: Prosciutto Crudo di Parma DOP, Mortadella “Bologna”, salame, ciccioli (chips of dried, pressed pork), coppa (pork shoulder) and pancetta (pork belly).
  • Risotto alla Parmigiana
  • Dessert
  • Coffee
  • Liqueurs