Like thousands of other families in Modena, we have always made ABTM D.O.P. for self-consumption. It is then hard to determine the date of origin of our tradition: indeed, my grandfather’s barrels which I still own may offer a clue, but other aspects should be considered, too.

The turning point in our production came in the ‘70s, when my grandfather Giorgio decided to start 300 barrels for self-consumption, which was the only reason why Balsamic Vinegar was produced in those years. Although he was held in great professional, social and personal esteem, someone must have doubted about his mental clarity.

Nobody knew, or only a few did, that in the mid-‘80s that nectar, which we jealously kept in our attics, was also appreciated by many foreigners who actually wanted to buy it.

My father and my grandfather decided to invest more in their passion.

Unfortunately my grandfather died in 1989, before the project was completed. I guess that the forty days we spent together soon after I was born and, more likely, my father’s great passion (or both) brought some drops of the black gold of Modena into my veins.

At present, my father and I own and manage about 1,300 barrels, vineyards and processing plants. Regardless the limited staff (only the two of us) we have been leading producers of ABTM D.O.P. for four years.

Giorgio Gambigliani Zoccoli