‘Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena’ DOP (ABTM) is produced from cooked grape must, aged through a slow acetification process, due to natural fermentation and gradual concentration through an extremely long ageing process in a series of barrels made of different types of wood. With its dark brown, shiny colour, it shows its true self with the right flowing syrupy texture.
It has a complex, characteristic and pervasive perfume with a clear but pleasant note of harmonic acidity. It has a traditional and unique flavour, with a good balance of sweet and sour, tasty with velvety nuances. Supplied in its unique bottle which complies with legal requirements, it is available in two different ages
Ivory label: ABTM, minimum ageing of 12 years
Gold label: ABTM extra old, ageing over 25 years



Place 15/20 drops on a teaspoon.
Put it in your mouth, spreading the product over your tongue. Close your eyes and breathe a small amount of air.
You will start to taste the aromas and flavours that come from the typical vines of Modena (Trebbiano and Lambrusco), the various types of wooden barrels (sessile oak, chestnut, mulberry, cherry and juniper), and the ageing process.



You should start from the ABTM Extra Vecchio (Gold label) as it has more harmony between the sweet-aromatic and acetic notes, thanks to its very long ageing process.
Then, you should continue with the ABTM (Ivory label) as its shorter ageing process makes it more lively highlighting its acidity and the aromas of the grapes and the wood.



ABTM is an extremely versatile product but it is also very touchy.
It’s versatile thanks to the perfect harmony and balance between its aromatic/sweet and its acetic notes.
These make it suitable for any culinary combination be it a starter or a dessert, meat or fish, a complex or a simple recipe..
At the same time ABTM is also touchy because, being a dressing and not an ingredient, it needs to be used pure, directly on the table.
How to store it: at room temperature.

Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena aged for over 12 years D.O.P.

This vinegar is aged for over 12 years, in barrels of different sorts of wood, oak, chestnut, mulberry, ash, it has a full dark colour, clear and thick with a wide scent with sensations of volatile acidity more pronounced compared to the extra-old one.

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Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena aged for over 25 years D.O.P.

This vinegar has reached a minimum ageing of 25 years, in old family barrels, which have conferred it an extraordinary quality, unfolding in its full dark intense color, in its wide and persistent scent and in its full bodied and harmonic taste, more fruity than acid.

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