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"We, like thousands and thousands of other Modenese families, have always produced Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PDO for self-consumption; it is therefore very difficult for us to define when the family tradition was born. It can help me to have barrels that belonged to my great-grandfather Mario (like my father) but I'm sure that if I stopped I would take them away from someone.

The turning point came in the seventies - a period in which balsamic vinegar was produced exclusively for passion and self-consumption - when my grandfather Giorgio (like me) decided to start three hundred barrels. Let's say that at the time, while enjoying great respect on an entrepreneurial, social and personal level, I'm pretty sure someone doubted his lucidity! "


"At the time no one knew (or maybe someone did) that in the mid-eighties the product we jealously kept in our attics would have been liked, and a lot, even by non-Modenese people and that they were interested and willing to buy it. My father Mario and my grandfather Giorgio therefore decided to further invest in their passion!

Unfortunately my grandfather left us in 1989 before seeing the completed project. Honestly, I don't know if those 40 days together were enough or more likely my father's great passion (I like to think of both) but now "the black gold of Modena" flows alive inside me too. "

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Giorgio and his family
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Currently my father and I have about 1300 barrels, our vineyards, the processing room and we have for years become one of the reference companies in the sector.

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