History of the Gambiglioni family or Gambellionibus

A history from the fourteenth century.

Very ancient and noble Arentina family also famous for Jurisconsults of vast erudition of which very well known: Dr. Jacopo, and his son Dr. Angiolo or Angelo. He learned law in Perugia, from which he passed to the University of Bologna, where, under the guidance of the most famous jurists, he obtained a doctoral degree in 1422 and became very profound in legal theories and practices. He was created Podestà of Perugia in 1429 and then of Volterra, then of the city of Castello, of Rome and of Norcia, he suffered imprisonment for a year due to false accusation, he was created Senator Romani, he was professor of law at the University of Ferrara and in 1441 in that of Bologna, called by the Duke Borso d'Este to give greater dignity and fame to this University.

He died in Ferrara in 1461, buried in the church of the Discalced Carmelites, where there is a tombstone.

In the Palazzo dei Gambiglioni, in Arezzo, in front of the Pieve, a plaque is written "Here was born and lived the jurist Angelo Gambiglioni Senatore Romano".

He wrote several works well known to jurists: “luridis Civilis Istitutiones (ed. F. Giunta 1523) - Title“ De Actionibus ”- Treatise de appellationibus (Venice 1579) - Tractatus de Testamentis (Printed in Ferrara 1451) etc.

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Mr. Antonio Giuseppe Zoccoli was Giuseppe, who died in 1806, having no children neither by his first wife Caterina Chiossi (married in 1757), nor by the second Luigia Rosi, and being godfather of Antonio Gambeglioni, or Gambellioni, firstborn of Lorenzo Gambaioni, he left his surname Zoccoli, substances, titles, properties, etc. to the children born, Maria, Antonio, etc. by Caterina Bononcini, wife of Lorenzo, with her first documents dated 1780, then notarial deed by Dr. Antonio Solieri of Modena on January 16, 1802.

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